Revealing the six secret steps to acquiring true wealth

Revealing the six secret steps to acquiring true wealth

A.K.A. The keys to making your dreams a reality and ensuring  you live your best life without the uncertainty and confusion of going at it on your own.

Aspire to make the best personal finance choices for your unique circumstances?

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Hands down, the most valuable use of money is the capability to support our overall well-being, to ensure the highest quality of life for ourselves and our loved ones.

Think about the last time you really wanted to do something, whether that's staying home with the kids or opting to indulge in an trip to some exotic destination, what stopped you? I'm betting it was some form of "I don't have the time," "I don't have the energy," or "I don't have the funds."

Our opportunities in life are limited by the resources (time, energy, money) we have available.

Let's be frank...

It's time TO finally maKe the most of hard-earned dollars.

Take a moment to imagine what your life would be like if you had 100% sovereignty over how you spent your time and energy.

Imagine having complete clarity when making decisions in life and feeling assured about being on the right path to making dreams a reality.

Imagine understanding how the shifts in the economic environment impact (or don’t impact) financial security.

Imagine being confident about investing instead of blindly throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping it sticks.

Imagine having identified and resolved any potential financial vulnerabilities opening the door to rest easy knowing that come what may the storm can be weathered.

Imagine working smarter, not harder by identifying and capitalizing on the overlooked opportunities available.
Imagine setting our (future) families up for success by being able to pass on the one thing that will make all the difference in their lives: the knowledge, ability, and mindset to lead a life well-lived and make their dreams a reality.

Now take a moment to consider what's standing in your way?

What's stopping you from setting yourself and your (future) family up for success?

The deck is not stacked in our favor.

The established system & antiquated advice is sucking out your will to live.

& Everyone else is pretending it's normal.

march to the beat of your own drum.

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(7) Average monthly benefit of retired workers, Table 2. is $1,414.37*12 = $16,972.44.

Discover What You Need
to suCceed:

Coherent, Concise Frameworks

Stress Tested Strategies & Tactics

For those of us who are uncomfortable staking the successes of ourselves and our (future) families and their futures on piecemeal advice that has not been rigorously tested and proven true in various economic environments.

Our focus is on what is tried and true.

Comprehensive, Integrated Solutions

For those of us who want to be assured that they've left no stone unturned and are addressing the entirety of their finances, and in turn, their lives.

Our focus is on the whole picture: integrating wealth and well-being for a life well-lived.

Pure, Unbiased Guidance & Support

Truth Fueled Confidence

Freedom to Stand in Your Power

Modern, Rigorously Examined Advice

For those of us who want to understand the foundations of how the markets work and what makes an action appropriate in a given situation.

Our focus is on illuminating the underlying mechanics of how this money thing works.

For those of us who want to feel confident that they're making the right choices for their lives.

Our focus is on facilitating resonance between your core truths and your wealth rituals.

For those of us who want to be certain that the guidance and support provided is in our best interest and not being incentivized by commissions or other kickbacks.

Our focus is on exposing the rules of how to play the game.

For those of us who want to dream up our destinies and design our dreams.

Our focus is on giving you the necessary information to evaluate your options and make informed choices.

For those of us who would rather not just do things because we're told to.

Our focus is on staying current on the modern research to recalibrate the time-tested fundamental frameworks to the current times.

"My only wish is that I would've found this sooner. Time is money, after all. I have a newfound confidence with my money and feel secure knowing I'm on the right track."

- Kelsey

An immersive overview of the essential steps future families of substance need to make the most of their hard-earned dollars without making ill-informed financial blunders, being held back from financial independence by playing it too safe or getting lost down the rabbit hole and becoming more confused than when you started.

The Cache Course


Perfect for committed couples, young families, the Romeos & Juliets still looking for the one, and established wealth-oriented families that aspire to lead a life well-lived without the anxiety, overwhelm, and uncertainty of going at it entirely on their own.

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Core Concepts

Module 1 lays the foundation through exploring the concept of wealth, leading a life well-lived, strategic versus tactical approaches, and the Wealth made SIMPLE framework.

When finished, understand:
  • why wealth isn’t just a bunch of money
  • the building blocks to finding fulfillment, meaning, and purpose in life
  • where most folks go wrong when they’re trying to make good choices with money
  • the key differences between being strategic and tactical (and the importance of both)
  • the comprehensive framework for creating enduring, integrated wealth

What's inside:

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S is For Strategize

Module 2 is all about the big picture and the first of six modules discussing the Wealth made SIMPLE framework.

Dive into:
  • the what & why of strategic positioning,
  • integrating strategic action,
  • defining your strategic vision.

Upon completion, walk away with:
  • A crystal-clear understanding of what authentic truths motivate the choices
  • Understand the individual opinion of quality of life
  • A Wealth Compass to guide choices moving forward that provides clarity and confidence in life

Let's go

I is for Invest

Module 3 explores the phenomenon of the financial markets and capitalizing on their power to generate exponential growth.

  • the what & why of investing,
  • how to set yourself up for investment success,
  • the keys to shoring up your financial foundations,
  • essential financial stability ratios,
  • the basics of investing including:
  • - stocks, bonds, ETFs, Mutual Funds, oh my!
  • - investment risk & why it's not what you think it is
  • - the basics of portfolio management, asset allocation, & asset location (for tax efficiency)
  • - the different management styles and investment objectives

Upon completion, have:
  • a comprehensive understanding of the basics of investing
  • gained insight in applying this knowledge to workplace and private retirement accounts

"The Cache Course is money! If it was only  contained the module on investing it would still be worth 10x what I paid for it."

- Johanna

I'm ready

M is for Maximize

Module 4 is a critical inquiry into resources, the items that limit our opportunity.

We'll explore:
  • innate and generated resources,
  • difference between innate resources and generated resources
  • how to maximize, harmonize & balance them to lead a life well-lived

And walk away with:
  • How to safeguard and invigorate innate resources
  • The Four Methods of Increasing Inflows
  • the what, why, and how of creating exponential gains to accelerate your trajectory
Show me the way

P is for Preserve

Module 5 is an immersion into the most undervalued concepts in wealth management: preserving and protecting against unforeseen calamities.

We’ll illuminate:
  • The concept of sinking funds
  • What risk management is and what risk management looks like in real life
  • The Preservation Policy Process
  • The nuts and bolts of insurance

After finishing Module 5 gain:
  • An outlined Preservation Policy
  • Identified vulnerabilities and available preservation benefits through workplace benefits plans or social insurance options
  • Strategies & techniques to avoid potential disasters and financial missteps
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L is for Leverage

In Module 6, we explore the concept of leverage and the opportunities it provides when used constructively.

  • The Types of Leverage
  • How the Types of Leverage appear in life
  • The concept of capitalizing off the spread
  • Creative financing techniques to deleverage when drowning in debt
  • What inefficiencies are causing leakage in your current financial behaviors
  • The secret of rewards hacking to work smarter not harder
  • How to capture exponential gains without making huge changes in your life or exposing yourself unnecessarily to risk
  • Evaluating the degree of leverage in current positioning

By the time we’re done with Module 6:
  • Know when and how to delever financial positions
  • The warning signs of being overleveraged and what to do about them
  • Creating financing techniques to delever
  • When and how to embrace leverage to amplify assets and exploit the opportunities to foster exponential growth
Let's go

E is for Endure

Module 7 discusses the default wealthviews and shifting one’s modus operandi to be constructive rather than destructive.

  • the modus operandi to true wealth
  • the key to financial sustainability and resilience
  • what keeping "it" in the family actually means
  • opening the door of opportunity for generations to come
I'm ready

Wealth in the Wild

Module 8 is all about experiencing wealth in the wild.

Suss out:
  • the what, why, and how of integrating the six steps to dynamic wealth creation into your day-to-day routine
  • how to create quality connections with other folks on the path to universal wealth
Show me the way

Tying It Together

Module 9 serves as the capstone for The Cache Course, it is about tying all these concepts together and integrating them because without application, knowledge is futile. 

  • Implementing an enduring wealth engine
  • Leading a life well-lived
  • Creating a legacy of wealth






The results you're going to get:

How does this sound?

Crystal clear clarity on what a life well-lived looks like so you can start making your dreams a reality.

A resilient, rock solid foundation so you're certain that, come what may, you'll be sitting pretty.

Kick that imposter syndrome and self doubt and feel confident, competent, & in control of your future.

Work smarter, not harder to accelerate your career trajectory and start making the most of every moment.

An optimized wealth engine to make the most of hard-earned dollars.




Gain the fundamental frameworks of financial finesse to navigate the shifting sands of the economic environment.

Experience the buoyant, energizing ease of holistic, integrated wealth.

An exploration of the core concepts that inform the fundamental frameworks of sensible wealth strategies.


An immersive dive into the six simple steps to enduring wealth creation, cultivation, & conservation.


A critical look at integrating dynamic, enduring wealth into your everyday reality so that you & your (future) family can lead lives well-lived.

Finally THIS

How it works


A year from now you
will have wished you started today....

so let's get started!

"I went from working a minimum wage job, barely paying my bills to six-figures and partnership in a boutique firm while paying off $100k+ in credit card debt & building a solid emergency fund over the course of the past several years.

My biggest takeaway is you've got to be in it for the long haul, financial independence doesn't happen overnight."

carpe diem!

Suzanne watched her income grow by leaps & bounds

"Working with Sol Spyre has given me the knowledge, support, & accountability to establish financial independence for myself and be on track to create generational wealth for my kiddos!

This is something that I never would have imagined in my wildest dreams."

Shasha is Creating Generational Wealth

"Since my divorce, I was stuck in a perpetual cycle of barely getting by.

Enrolling in The Cache Course and doing some extra one on one with Amanda has helped me get out of my rut and start truly living again."

Brenda slayed her money demons


“If you're On the fence, let me just say this is the absolute best decision you can make.”

- melissa

This person says this, that person says that - how do you make heads or tails of it when the popular consensus seems to change every. single. day!?!

We'll let you in on a little secret, the squawking heads and financial "gurus" are fixated on singular facets of a multi-faceted gem that has the power to make you or break you, which is why there *seems* to be conflicting information floating about.

The fact of the matter is, you're simply missing the fundamental information that is key to making it all make perfect sense.

You're stronger than you think you are. But if you're anything like us, you need help creating, cultivating and conserving wealth. You just want someone to tell you what works.

we've got your back
you're in the right place.

Now, armed with that little nugget, you're more than welcome to go sift through the 3 billion (and counting) results on the search engines on how to invest to try and sort it out. Any guesses as to how long that'll take you?

What we’re offering to share with you is the culmination of over 8+ years in the trenches of wealth management working with 1,700+ families on their journeys to create, cultivate, and conserve their wealth.

We’re confident that you’d get it sorted out eventually, but at what cost?
→ How much precious time would be spent trying to sort this all out?
→ How much would be risked to strategies and tactics that are spouted about on a whim by financial “gurus” that may or may not have achieved those results on mere luck?
→ What sorts of potential gains will be missed while going at it alone instead of relying on timeless wealth principles condensed into a coherent, concise framework?

What are the costs of continuing to delay? Probably a lot more than it costs to make the first commitment to leading a life well-lived.

The journey to a million or more starts with a single investment. The investment in oneself and one’s knowledge.

The Six Steps to Dynamic Wealth Creation are the timeless wealth principles, employed by Professional Money Managers and Private Wealth Advisors, condensed into a coherent, concise framework that illuminates how to make the most of our hard-earned dollars melded with countless hours of research into the realms of psychology, neuroscience, and philosophy to create a best-in-class program.

Moreover, these are the exact steps that my family and I routinely employ to live a life on our own terms, instead of staying stuck on the corporate ladder.

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Grab your seat today and get exclusive access to our Flourish Wealthkit!

Delve into the depths of your psyche to discover what truly matters to you using our signature wealthy way to flourish. (Priceless)



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Our step-by-step method that has resulted in compensation increases of 941%. ($94 value!)



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R.S.V.P. now to get your hands on our Life Well-Lived Financial Planner.

Receive printable PDF planner set to organize your complete financial picture while creating resonance between your wealth and well-being so you and your fam can seize the day and lead lives well-lived!

I'm Ready!


Feel confident you're making the right choices for you and your loved ones by living life in resonance with your core truths.

Maximize your current earning potential and have a plan in place to accelerate your career trajectory.

Be able to clearly articulate what a life well-lived looks like for you and the steps you're taking to get there

Have a clear actionable plan in place for creating wealth and taking your life to the next level. 

Know what all that jargony financial talk actually means so you know when to pivot and when to stay the course.

Be able to integrate time-tested financial strategies & tactics to fuel the creation of wealth.

By the end of The Cache Course, you will...


“I didn't think The Cache Course would contain so much info. It did. I didn't think that the frameworks would work for me. They did. I didn't think I'd be the one raving about this online course. I am. ”

- Camille s.

This is one of those things that you buy without even really thinking about it. Kind of like a what the heck, why not sort of thing. I was sure in for a surprise. Since completing The Cache Course, I feel comfortable with my money and confident in the choices I'm making to make my dreams come true!

"If only I had been taught this stuff school, it would have saved me so much time and so many headaches.

- jordan s.

My biggest fear about investing was losing all my money, after all, I lived through 2008. Turns out, I'm losing money (thank you inflation) by just saving my money instead of investing it! I wish I would've learned this stuff years ago."

Not too long ago (within the past decade), a girl set out in the world to discover why some people had it all and others had nothing at all.

Inspired by stories of lost fortunes and the dichotomy of the houseless hunched in doorways, invisible to the worker bees on diligent missions to arrive on time, she became classically trained to manage wealth, spending 08+ years in the trenches of the established financial services industry.

Along the way, she identified the discrepancies, illusions, shortcomings, & oversights of the storied behemoths that claim to "help" the typical American manage their money.

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"There is this huge disconnect. I've sat through countless meetings as an Associate Advisor, listening to the Lead Advisor drone on and on about numbers and percentages and charts, as the folks that we're supposed to be helping with create wealth are staring out with window, totally disengaged.

Now, I'm not saying the numbers do not matter. They do. But what matters more is the melding of the person's desires, hopes, dreams, and overall wellbeing with the numbers that represent the energy they've expended up to this point in their lives and their hope for the future, their hope for a brighter tomorrow.

That's what the established financial firms are missing. The numbers only have meaning in the context of the person."

Nine years ago, I was broke, on the edge of burnout, & overwhelmed.

I couldn't take it anymore. I was having a panic attack while driving into work and I was running late anyway so, I called in and quit. Not the most conventional course of action, to be sure.

I had some money set aside for "emergencies," in this case, rash decisions like quitting your job without really thinking about it, so I took some time to figure out what I wanted from my work.

i can help because i've been there

but nowI know how to help!

My Mumsie always used to tell me that, "the choices you make in life dictate the life you lead." It was time to make some life dictating choices.

Every day, I woke up and perused the job boards, clicking on random jobs that caught my eye, there was one that grabbed me: a position at Edward Jones as a Financial Advisor.

You see, a few months prior (another job I quit at the drop of a hat, I was on a roll in my emerging adult years), I worked with a company helping newly established eCommerce businesses gain visibility and credibility on the search engines. I've always been curious by nature so, one day, I took it upon myself to ask a few of my clients why they decided to start drop shipping businesses online. I mean, I had looked into doing the same thing, but I was in my early twenties. The majority of the folks I worked with were in their 50's and, from the training sessions, were not the most technologically adapted. So, it struck me as odd that they would just start up a drop shipping business.

Long story short, the majority of my clients saw an ad in the classifieds (newspaper, for all you youngins) claiming they could make "$10,000 dollars a month," so they called it because they were trying to figure out how to be able to retire. This was post-2008 and a lot of folks made rash decisions with their retirement portfolios at the bottom of the market, kind of like I had been doing with my employment opportunities. That experience got me thinking, "There must be a better way."

To me, the job posting for a Financial Advisor was a sign showing me the direction I wanted to head. It revealed a glimpse of the "better way" to approaching financial independence and stability. There was only one problem, I didn't think I would even get an interview. I had no experience in financial services, no college education, and I ended up getting my high school diploma online (at a school that may or may not be a real thing.) So, the next part of the equation was to find a job that I was qualified for and opened the door to becoming a Financial Advisor.

To cut to the chase, I found a stepping stone and shoehorned my way into becoming a Financial Advisor, one stepping stone after another, never wavering from the goal, because I believed, as a Financial Advisor, I could make positive impacts in people's lives and help prevent them from taking disastrous missteps with their finances.

Turns out, by the time most people meet with a Financial Advisor, it's too late. Most people avoid meeting with a Financial Advisor until they're on the cusp of retirement and most Financial Advisors encourage that, because after all, Financial Advisors are paid on assets that they manage, most folks' investable assets are in the retirement account provided by their employer, which they can't do much with until they... retire. 

Sure, I worked with lots of folks who had figured it out and set themselves up nicely to continue to maintain their lifestyles and enjoy their golden years. It was the once who hadn't that are heartbreaking, they were several days and several bucks late and would have to make substantial modifications to their lifestyles to even think about retirement. Again, I was thinking, "There has to be a better way."

I believe that, if folks had access to the fundamental frameworks of wealth creation early on in their lives, they would have the capability of making better choices with their hard-earned cash to set themselves up for the future.

If folks make better choices with their dollars for a longer period of time, they can accumulate more substantial resources (a.k.a. free time, energy, and money), which then creates more opportunities for them to lead higher quality lives.

It took a several years from my initial epiphany in 2016 to muster up the courage and resources to be able to bring this concept into reality, but here we are. 

More importantly, my Hubsy and I are living, breathing proof that the traditional timeline from entering the workforce to retiring from corporate ladder climbing can be condensed and financial independence is a distinct possibility without inheriting oodles of money from some distant relative, working in a highly-compensated and awarded position, or scrimping, saving, and sacrificing the now for the later.

I'd be honored if you'd allow me to share with you the fundamental frameworks from my classical training in wealth management and the strategies and tactics I've learned along the way of creating independence in my own life.

The Cache Course is the only one of its kind because...

IT illuminates the time tested framework to create, cultivate, & conserve wealth, regardless of where you're at.

Part of the problem with figuring out how to money is sifting through the noise. This person says one thing, that person says another - how are you to make heads or tails of any of it?

The key to deciphering all the endless banter, debate, and opinions about how the current event will impact the markets and what to do next, stay or pivot, is having the underlying frameworks to know how to separate the grain from the chaff.

The fundamental frameworks we cover in The Cache Course are not transient phenomenon that only apply when the markets up or the markets down or the market it sideways. Regardless of what the market is doing, these frameworks illuminate the path to creating, cultivating, and conserving enduring wealth.

And incorporates cutting edge academic research on wealth, well-being, and a life well-lived.

People think money is a lot of things: the root of all evil, unable to buy happiness, the portal to meaning, etc.  Money is only as good as what you do with it. There are those that are wealthy that are miserable and those that are experiencing poverty that find unadulterated happiness in life.

More money will not make you happy, it will not solve all your problems. The real problems in life are one's that cannot be solved with money:
  • how to be the healthiest, happiest, most amazing version of you
  • how to have quality, intimate relationships with those you love and enjoy spending time with
  • how to maintain intellectual stimulation and curiosity
  • how to find purpose, meaning, and a mission larger than yourself

On the basest level, money will make you more comfortable, it'll amplify whatever already is present in your life whether that's misery or joy, authenticity or superficiality.

Money is a method to creating a life well-lived. The trick is discovering what a life well-lived looks like to you which is why The Cache Course has been designed to help you break out of the conventional social paradigm and discover what exactly your dreams are made of.

Study at your own pace

Plan based on your learning style

Solidify Your foundation

Follow a proven roadmap

This program includes everything you need to make the most of hard-earned dollars.

Of course, the few things we couldn't package up neatly and top with a bow are completely within your control: your devotion, your desire, and your determination.

All the know-how in the world is fruitless without the gumption to put it into action.

With our knowledge base and your drive, we should be able to create a brighter tomorrow for all parties involved. Are you up to the challenge?

Creating a life of meaning & fulfillment

Building a system that will make the most of hard-earned dollars

Attracting your dream job and working on projects that light you up.

Identifying & embracing your unique talents to ensure you're continued growth and more time to operate in your zone of genius.

Creating and sustaining processes and systems for added efficiency and optimal results

Feeling more balanced, and rested, and in alignment with what you're wanting to create for your life.

If you want this to be the year that you *finally* commit to:


Try The Cache Course for 7 days.
Get your money back if it didn’t serve you.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with The Cache Course after 7 days, we will give you a full refund, no questions asked.

Choose to invest in yourself today, and you don’t even have to decide if you’re 100% committed. Take the next 7 days to explore the materials and experience The Cache Course and THEN… decide using the information you have, rather than the information you don’t.

If you decide that The Cache Course isn’t for you, then simply submit The Cache Course workbook, completed through the Invest section to to request money back.



This      for you if:

You need to finally make time to figure out this money thing

You're not willing to make the time and do the work to make the most of hard-earned dollars

You are 110% committed to leading your best life and offering that same opportunity to your (future) family

You're okay not realizing your full potential and setting an example of settling for your (future) family

you're ready to take radical action to live life on your own terms

It's probably        for you if...

YOU'RE not willing to make the most essential investment on your journey to wealth, the investment in yourself



Let's do this thing.


My employer doesn't offer a retirement or benefits package. Will the Cache Course still help me?

You betcha! While time is spent exploring the SIMPLE framework in the context of workplace sponsored benefits, the fundamental frameworks are applicable to privately-owned retirement accounts and privately-purchased insurance as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

I already use a budgeting program or automatic investment program like Mint, YNAB, Personal Capital, or Wealthfront. How is this different?

Budgeting programs and automatic investment programs are tools to help you execute your overall financial plan. The Cache Course is the knowledge base to help you make informed decisions on which strategies and tactics to embrace while executing your overall financial plan. It's the difference between owning a tool like a bandsaw and knowing how to use it to create beautiful woodworking pieces.

I don't have a lot of money to invest and I wouldn't call myself "wealthy." Is this a good fit for me?

Yes! No matter where you are in your financial management journey, the fundamental frameworks discussed in The Cache Course are totally applicable and will help you along your way. Frankly, this is the perfect place to start because it will illuminate your path forward while showing you how to make the most of what opportunities you have access to.


assets managed while working in wealth management


years in financial services


families assisted to create, cultivate, & conserve their wealth


years old when i retired from corporate america to live life on my own terms

But we can't do it alone.

Let us help you feel confident that YOU are more than capable of being 100% in control of money and your destiny by equipping you with the timeless principles of wealth creation, cultivation, and conservation while supporting the efforts made to make your wildest dreams a reality and lead a life well-lived.

We’ve distilled the timeless principles of wealth creation, cultivation, and conservation into a comprehensive coherent framework coupled with our best-in-class support system, daily discussions, and actionable Wealthkits so you too can have the opportunity to find meaning, be fulfilled, and experience a life well-lived.

We’ve all spent too much time merely existing when we could be living life to the fullest. Let’s not settle for another moment of merely surviving when instead, we can truly thrive. It’s a simple as committing to taking full responsibility, gaining the frameworks to be set up for success, and proactively taking action to make your dreams a reality and live life on your own terms.

Let’s create a brighter tomorrow.

Your companions in wealth,

Amanda and the Team @ Sol Spyre

Let me level with you. We're tired of how the established financial firms perpetuate the wealth gap. We're on a mission to redefine the playing field and create equal opportunity for all to excel.

equality starts with you,
be the change you wish to see in the world.

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& that's the investment in yourself and your ability to create, cultivate, and conserve wealth.

What are you waiting for?

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